The Best 30 Health Websites In The World.

2020 has been a unique year for hospitals and other health-care providers the world over. People are more conscious of their health because of the raging pandemic. 

As the lockdown continues, the internet being the number one source of information will have increased traffic. More people are going online daily to search for health tips and other health-related information they can find. 

Many of these people will surf the internet through their mobile gadgets, hoping to see well organized health websites that are user friendly and welcomes a good number of visitors every month. This will boost their confidence in the information they obtain. 

Since the internet is already having big effects on how health care decisions are reached, providers of health information must do what they can to make the process of visiting their websites/blogs memorable. 

We have made a compilation of the best sites related to health. The criteria adopted are: number of unique monthly visitors, user friendliness of the sites and quality of services rendered to their visitors. 

Here are the 30 best websites and blogs related to health that you can visit today.


With the bragging right of over two hundred million visitors every month, Health line takes top spot in our rating of the best health sites. 

Owned by Healthline Media, Inc. of America, the website is the fastest growing digital health platform in the world providing information about health conditions, research medications and general tips for a healthier lifestyle.

The homepage has beautiful design that appeals to the eyes, encouraging visitors to spend longer time on the site. The unique quality of web layout and satisfying information makes Healthline a website with one of the lowest bounce rates in the world, at just 38.75% according to SimilarWeb. Visitors spend an average of three minutes on the site. 


2.    NIH

The National Institute of Health is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Also functions as the nation’s medical research agency-with the task of making important discoveries that improve health and save lives.

The outlay of the website is not beautiful as that of Healthline, but uses a stripped down mobile conscious design, making it a good fit for desktops too.

The website has seven pages that are loaded with information about various aspects of health such as health information, grants and funding being the largest public funder of biomedical research in the world, news and events, research and training and institutes at NIH. 

Traffic on this site comes mostly from Americans who surf to get relevant news and stay abreast with events in the medical world.


3.    WEBMD

This blog provides valuable information and tools for managing  health, using short catchy headlines to capture the attention of visitors. The site also has a feature called “WebMD Care” that allows any user to find a reputable WebMD Care provider in their area.

There are at least thirteen pages to be navigated in the drop-down menu icon, making it quite a large website. In order to enhance their passion for quality healthcare delivery, WebMD dedicates a page to mobile apps wherein six different apps can be downloaded for users to have easy experience on the go.

Design of TBD first page is at best average and could be a factor in the high bounce rate of the blog. 

However, this is a must-see blog for anybody willing to stay up to date and know more about their health.



Walgreen’s Pharmacy is an ecommerce health website that prioritizes business over information.

The site uses powerful imagery to convey what it is about in one breath. There is a cart icon at the top-right corner as found in many other ecommerce websites, for visitors to buy and check out. Below the icon is a search toolbar for easy access to items to be purchased. 

Walgreens also require visitors to sign in using their membership link before the other pages can be navigated with ease.

Overall, the site is organized to appeal to users’ sentiments, and this is commendable for a company existing since 1961 and has shown great attitude in adapting to their customers feel online. 

Also remarkable is the provision of twenty-four customer service, making the process of enquiries to be flexible. 

The Walgreen’s App is available for download from both the App Store and on Google Play Store. 


5.    AARP

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) website does not command the kind of traffic like the earlier mentioned sites do, but has made our list of top five health sites in the world because of the engaging mature of the website. 

A first-time user is drawn into the ‘medic’ aura presented by the simple yet powerful design of the website. The site offers “real possibilities” which by the wah is the motto, clearly written at the top for everyone to see.

The use of red and black colors on a white background is alluring to the eyes, encouraging one to be relaxed in using the site. Little wonder the site has about the highest duration of customers engagement among the top health sites in the world.

Just as the name implies, the mandate of AARP is to empower people to choose how they live as they age, providing health benefits for members. 

With about nineteen pages to be navigated, this website is quite a large one and has pages for items such as entertainment, politics, videos, podcasts, games and food, making it a complete website filled with educational experience. 

The site also provides services in both Spanish and Chinese languages for non-English speakers. 



Offers services both in English and Portuguese for easy engagement with speakers of both languages. This Brazilian website makes our list of top health sites because of the popularity among women.

Tuasaude means “your health.” 

The website specializes in four key areas of health practice which are: diet and nutrition, pregnancy, fertility and healthy recipes, making it a small but engaging site.

There is a body mass index (BMI) calculator on the  homepage. The display of blue on a white background is not a beauty to behold and the average engagement duration for visitors is only two minutes. Although the site is a washed with health articles capable of  satisfying the curiosity of visitors.



What captivates a first time reader of this site is the concise way the article headlines are listed out in vertical form, making it easy to scroll down in one breath and pick up news of interest.

The drop down menu icon comprise of categories listed out in alphabetical order for the useslrs to easily locate where their areas of interests are placed. 

Not a very big website as can be seen, but big enough to provide new on the necessary medical problems that one might need answers to. 

Unlike Walgreens, Medical News Today as the name implies prioritizes the dissemination of health news over service provision. 


8.    NHS

UK’s biggest health website, with more than fifty million visits every month. They engage people with their health, care and wellbeing so they can stay healthy and manage long term health conditions.

A looping video is used to explain the site’s functions in the “About the NHS Website” of the drop-down menu icon. The homepage offer tons of advice on medical conditions, symptoms and treatments, including what to do and when to get help. 

The site uses quick links for this purpose.

There are emergency numbers provided on the homepage to aid anybody who might need surgery, urgent medical help or life threatening ambulance. 

The NHS App with a downloadable link on the website allows users to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access a range of other healthcare services. 

One important fact: the website uses very simple, easy to understand words to pass messages across. 



Ranks highly in our list of top health sites and blogs in the world. This Russian website is out of bound for non-russian speakers as presentations are in that language.  

However, a reader’s interest is sucked in at once with the endless use of delightful images that accompanies every headline carefully arranged on a white background in almost a genius fashion. 

An average user spends over five minutes on the site. Unlike many other websites, IRecommend places the drop-down menu icon at the top right corner of the home page.


10.    CDC

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has one of the largest websites you will ever see. This website offer services in Spanish, English and over ten other languages to make for easy connection for people around the world.

With short bold headlines and images so real you feel you’re inside the website. The phone number and email address are at the bottom of the home page although they are not interactive. 

There is also a sign-up form for newsletters as well as various social media links for easy connection through those platforms. 

One of the most pleasing features of the website is the flexibility it presents by allowing readers to choose the language they wish to access the site with, from the list of languages provided.

Being a government owned website, the main focus is on the American health industry. 


11.    WHO

The World Health Organisation, arguably the most popular health organization in the world has a popular website that hosts over 148 million users every month. 

The drop-down menu is also located at the top-most corner of the homepage, just like I recommend website and offers services in six different languages. Health topics are presented in a button. Countries of the world are presented in the ‘Countries’ button with relevant health information of various countries provided.

The dashboard is interactive, using diverse images to epitomize the global nature of the website. There is a video detailing how the organization has responded to the raging coronavirus pandemic. 

Also, a search button is at the top of the home page to make navigation easy, like most of the other websites under review.



By far one the best interactive health sites. What fascinates at first is the image linking health to IT on the home page. There is also “live chat” that pops up asking if you’re ready to join the ecosystem. This innovation is absent in the other websites earlier reviewed. 

A small sight by all standards, leveraging on technology to engage patients on issues of health.

User experience is fun, and makes an average visitor to spend over eight minutes on the site. There is provision for the scheduling of a one-on-one meeting between a user and the site’s medical team.

A splendid website. 



Engages with series of videos and imagery, this is the highest ranked health website from the Republic of France. Also incorporated is the live chat feature present in Athena health. 

Doctissimo is a fairly large website with videos that plays automatically to capture the attention of users. The services are offered only in French language.


14.    FITBIT

Here is another health ecommerce site focusing on fitness. The difference with Walgreens is the absence of a visible CSRT on the home page. Scrolling down however, pictures of health trackers are manifest with Shop Now button, asking the user to take action. 

Idea is to build products that help people transform their lives while they are encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered along the way.

The cart which is an obvious feature in every ecommerce site is hidden in the drop-down icon. Users are made to create account and sign in to be able to shop effectively. Social media links are provided to encourage linking up on social media.


15.    MEDONET

Highest ranked health website from Poland, Medonet has a dynamic layout that communicates what they are about to the user without breaking sweat. 

Built to build reader’s confidence, all the buttons are responsive linking to the right calls to action. A mail button at the bottom leads to the page where mails can be sent, as well as clickable Facebook button that leads to the Facebook platform.


16.    DRUGS

Sole function of this website is on drugs, as the name implies. A topnotch responsive website with an innovation rarely seen in any other site: there is display of alphabets buttons, like a calculator to take readers to detailed list of drugs beginning with each alphabet. 

There is also the pill identifier and checker to understand the possible outcome of drug interactions in the body; therefore like a mini FBI for health websites in the world. There is reference link to one of the sites under review later.

The simple nature of the website is uplifting and makes it easy to use by anyone.


17.    MEDLINE

An online health information resource for patients and their families and friends by the U.S. National Library of Medicine based in Rockville Pike, Medline is the simplest among  the websites we have so far reviewed. 

With easy-to-read materials arranged in a catalogue. Users are given the delight of browsing information in multiple languages.

There are four responsive social media icons at the bottom of the home page as well as subscription tab for their newsletter.

A great website to get reference materials for health. Safe to say that majority of monthly visitors to this site are mostly in need of health materials for research or other useful purposes.



The second French website in the list, Doctorlib has the shortest homepage by a health website you’ll see. All the information are hidden in navigable sections, so one is forced to move away from the home page to other relevant sections of the site.

This perhaps is a contributing factor in the high number of minutes that a user stays on the site. All the buttons respond quite fsdt with a search link – as in many others to aid fast access to results.

With an estimated monthly visitors of twenty million people, this site is not as big or popular as the earlier reviewed French website, Doctissiom, but it’s actually easier to use and offers a higher engagement rate.

The not-too-interesting fact is that services are pushed out only in French language, shutting out non-French speakers.



Happiness spreads on your face with the heart warming images that welcomes you to the site. Each of the nine pages also makes use of heart rendering imagery to speak to the anxiety of visitors. 

The site is carefully designed, highly interactive with precise topics to give easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative medical information for consumers. 

Medicinet was acquired in 2004 by WebMD, but continues to act with the original vision. There are two responsive social media icons on the home page, as well as an email icon, enabling visitors to send mails directly from the website.

There are short, sliding adverts at the top of the home page.



Everything about this website is designed to appeal to women-from the name to the color. You’re welcomed with a real image of a pregnant woman and details of pregnancy week by week.

There is provision for pregnant women to follow their babies amazing developments, as well as other great features such as ovulation calculator, due date calculator, baby names finder and pregnancy weight gain calculator. 

Babycenter is so detailed it provides the complete solution for women. There are eleven pages to be navigated, apart from the home page.

The ‘Community’ page has birth clubs and a host of other communities. The ‘Getting Pregnant’ page teaches everything about what it takes to conceive and goes down page by page to when the baby is born, becomes a toddler, a preschooler, big kid, health of the child, and so on.

There are videos of labor and live birth, how to bath a baby, among others.

The site extends to teach women about life as a mom as well as their family finance, to ensure better planning. 

Very few health websites are more detailed than babycenter-and the amazing responsiveness of the site is a beauty to behold.

Every woman ought to make this website her companion. 


21.    APTEKA

The second Rusaian and third ecommerce health site innour review, Apteka is strictly about ecommerce. 

Welcoming over sixteen million visitors every month, Apteka is popular among Russian health  purchasers. Both the cart and other icons are placed at the bottom of the home page, while the search icon is at the top for easy navigation of products.

Apteka’s design is modest, and is not complex to use. Non-Russian speakers are effectively ruled out of using the site 



“Fitness starts with what you eat” -is the motto boldly visible on the homepages telling you what the site is all about; fitness through good food.

The search bar contains over 11 million foods in their database. Built specially to focus on fitness, every information to be gotten here must be related to the maintenance of physical fitness.

Very simple website that appeals to the eyes, it has a blog wherein more health information are stored and a shop where fitness items can be purchased. 



Rates self as the one-stop resource for medical news, clinical reference, and education. It is built for healthcare professionals, so might seem a little bit off for an ordinary internet user seeking medical help.

If you are a medical professional, you should love Medscape.


24.    DOXY

This is the only health website in our review focused on telemedicine. The site is so simple it calls you to action, asking you to create your personal room and start practicing telemedicine. 

No download is required for both clinicians and patients. A very concise website, the clicks respond very good to aid fast treatment. 



This Indonesian website is a masterpiece of how sites should be arranged. Pictures of two medical professionals-a male and a female-welcomes you. 

Each headline is suited with a befitting image to cap it, so much you can get a faint idea of what the article is about merely by looking at the images-even if you don’t understand the language.



Caters for the health of men-from weight loss to fitness, entertainment, grooming, and even sex and dating women, the site is a complete package for health conscious men. 

The site is clutter free, the red and white design aptly depicts masculinity. The home page is fairly long and has five social media icons which are all responsive. 

Everything is presented in great detail on this site, so visitors can get what they are looking for. Every man who is serious about taking charge of his health should be visiting this site. 



Managed by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, this site is focused on generating data for the institute’s project of research. 

The site can be forgiven for appearing dull to the eyes since it is mainly focused on research. 


28.    LEAFLY

Not your typical health site. Leafly is an online order portal for weed. The site uses slideshow banners to project what they are about. The arrangement of the website makes the ordering process seamless.


The only Italian website on our list. Mandate is training people to keep fit. The site passes across several training videos that play with relative ease.

Well captured banners of fitness activities are also displayed. There are sections for fitness, diets, and videos where the user can learn from.



An invention of the Harvard University School of Medicine.

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