Dear Business Owner,


While your bank account is struggling and you are brainstorming about other viable businesses to do because your bills keep saying:



I don't care about your worries …



People who use the CSMI Selling System in their businesses are cashing out big time.


Tell yourself the truth. The ongoing recession has exposed how thin the money in your bank account is.



For years now, many coaches and online articles have told you that you must have multiple sources of income for you to be stable ...and beat poverty!



You have done this. In fact, you have 2 or more businesses already. Or you're planning to set them up. Yet the lockdown affected you so much you were looking for palliatives to ease your pain.



Even now, the thought of the amount in your bank account gives you headache.



What if we flip what you believe…

And show you a system that can give you you 5x more customers if you implement it in your business .

Do the math yourself ...

If you start making this much, will you still have challenges getting money to pay your bills?

The answer is obvious.

You're struggling in your business because you don't know how to solve the problem of not making enough sales. think you are not making enough sales because you don't have plenty businesses you're doing

Like some of your mates. 

Yet, you have seen those friends of yours struggle so much this period with their many businesses

...and you're confused.

Many people are in this quagmire like you too. They are consuming tons of information online without seeing any transformation. 

You need to stop feeding from hands to mouth, because money has refused to be your friend. 

Many people who are smiling to the banks after using this system used to be like you.



With your present job or business, you can get more customers. You know what that means?

Serious money in your bank account.


The selling system I'm about to reveal to you is not some get rich quick scheme.

You will not turn to Dangote or Jack Ma overnight. If that's what you're thinking, you should do yourself a favor and stop reading now. 

We don't do such abracadabra magic. 

But if you're comfortable with multiplying the number of customers you have by 5x- 10x in a few weeks, then you should be using this proven sales system for your business.

Imagine that you start meeting your goals so much you can retire at 50+ fulfilled, with the good things of life while your mates are still struggling …

This is what the  CSMI Sales System will do for you. 

In case you don't get what I'm saying, let me break it down for you. 

How much do you make in your business at the moment? N50,000, N100,000, N200,000?

No matter the amount you're making at the moment, you can increase it by 5x...then increase it by 10x, only if you get your customers who will patronize your business ...

N50,000 becomes N250,000… N500,000.


N100,000 becomes N500,000...then N1,000,000.

Do you like the calculation you're seeing? You're imagining how robust your wealth ...and personal worth will be?

That's only one of the life changing effects my CSMI selling system will have on you, if you implement this strategy used by top entrepreneurs in the world. 

Before I tell you about others, let me tell you why you should listen to me.

My name is ISIOMA ISICHEI, and for many years, I have been teaching people about how to earn money online ..putting in the works of course. 

An example is the recent Monthly Income Expo (MIE) 



Which sold out last year and from which amazing results were achieved from the subscribers. Some doubting Thomases who didn't believe initially but wanted to be part of it after seeing the successes of others came too late...and couldn't take part.

Listen up- DON'T BE LIKE THEM!

To make this year better than last year for you financially is the sole reason why I created this system. Otherwise, i wouldn't  have released a system that cost so much to figure out and now seek to give it to you through an eBook. 

This system has been implemented and has been successful, racking up profits like a miracle.

Enough of your worries. Since you became an adult, no year passes without you having money challenges. 

Is that what you want to do again this year?

Moving about in circles with no headway- 


Will you rather i give you a proven strategy myself and few others use to turn in six and seven income figures over and over again. 

The good thing is: every part of this practical selling system has been designed for you to make a seamless transition into the world of wealth. 

This is what you get when you buy this Practical Selling System today:

√ An 80% done for you Practical System Guide with easy to follow tutorials about how you can multiply your profit by as much as 5x what you earn now. That means you make a profit of 5 months in just a month. 

The remaining 20% is the work you put in to apply the strategy and make it work for you… with my help, of course. 

√ The 3 profit model for every business. You didn't know about this model which can make you earn at least a million naira each on a monthly basis, running the same business. That's 3 million naira from the model. 

√ Practical live examples of how the CSMI Selling System works and why you can never make enough money if you don't use this strategy. You'll just be living from hand to mouth. 

It's not about working hard. Otherwise many people would have been rich by now. Getting rich through selling requires a genius tact which a proven system like the CSMI System provides. 

Enough of jumping from one business idea to another as you have been doing without seeing any tangible results. Can't you see you're only wasting your beautiful years moving around in cycles without making the money you so much desire to make?

By not using the CSMI Selling System, you're leaving too much money on the table. 

Money you should be living the kind of life you want with. 

Still, I'm not done. 

I want you to make enough money than you can imagine this year. So I've designed 3 SPECIAL BONUSES for you to make this year your best yet. 


         BONUS ONE


√ I will personally design a 3 Months Customers' Generation System for you to get more than 5x the number of customers you have right now!

If you have 30 customers who patronize you at the moment, the Customer Acquisition System I'll design for you will bring in 120 customers (Value is N200,000).

What comes to your mind when you think of this? Lots of money I presume? Well, this will be possible only if you're among the 


First 30 people to buy this course. 

Designing customers' acquisition system is very expensive so I cannot do it for everybody. I want only the most committed people who will give anything to change their stories. 



You'll get a valued podcast of my business teachings, systems and strategies (valued at N50,000) on a ONE YEAR FREE Subscription. 

These weekly podcast releases break down the unknown principles which are responsible for attracting business successes. 



A Free eBook titled: A Secret Step To Promote Affiliate Products Using Free Traffic. (Valued = N10,000.00)

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most secure businesses that can fetch you millions of Naira online, if done right. 

One of the biggest challenges that affiliate marketers have is how to drive traffic to the products they want to sell. 

No matter how good you think what you're selling is, if people are not aware of it,  you won't make any good money. 

This classic eBook teaches you how to promote your affiliate products or services without spending tons of money on advertising. You can achieve your aim using organic traffic which this guide teaches you. 

The good thing is that the knowledge in the book can be applied to other online and even some offline businesses. 

Remember, doubt is the number one killer of dreams. I used to do business the way you're doing too, and I struggled so much with my finances. 

This system is the way if you want to turn your income around this year. 

Total Value of the 3 FREE Bonus Gifts = N260,000.00

What's Your Investment Going To Be?

I know you're already doing mental calculation of the amount in your bank account thinking this invaluable system to financial freedom will cost you an ARM

But you're WRONG.

I'm giving it to you for just 



That's less than what you spend to buy Isiewu and a bottle of wine in a Local Joint. 

Would you rather use N3,000 to eat food that will be flushed out of your body in 24 hours? Or use it to get a weapon that'll change your financial story forever.  

Ignore the little voice in your head telling you that this system cannot work.

As long as you're a business owner or you plan to be in the nearest future, 


In your income this year once you practise everything you'll learn.



Remember this offer is for people who want to make PLENTY MONEY. 

And don't worry, this offer is Completely Risk-Free.

This is a time-tested proven system that the most successful men in the world have used time and over again. I have used and still using it to grow my enterprises, pulling in satisfactory results...and I want you to try it also. 

I swear on the integrity of the successes I've achieved that no matter how newbie or fearful you may be, application of this system will turn around your fortunes - if you try and it doesn't work for you after you have applied the principles taught in the system-

Then you get your full money back within 90 Days - I won't even ask you much questions. Nah, I'll save that energy for people who applied the system and help them to increase their bank accounts …

Although, I so much think you are going to be delighted with the powerful wealth making secrets you'll discover in the system, that you wouldn't dream of asking for a refund… even if I offer thrice of what you  paid. 

This might be the most valuable money decision you'll make this year. 

One more thing- it'll be shameful if you fail to take action now and you still complain about lack of money at the end of the year. 

I can decide to pull down this offer at anytime and if you haven't taken action by then, you will miss out forever!

You might even come back tomorrow and discover I have increased the price by more than 5x what you're to pay now.

So it's better to take action right away.


Click the button below and join me in the house of success. 



Isioma Isichei. 

P.S. In case you're one of the people who scroll down to the end of a letter to read, I also got your back 

This is the summary of what I've been saying:

There's a success proof roadmap I want to show you that you can use to earn at least 5x more profit than you presently make. 

People across the world are using it already to achieve massive results.

√ An 80% done for you Practical System Guide with easy to follow tutorials about how you can multiply your profit by as much as 5x what you earn now. That means you make a profit of 5 months in just a month. 

√ The 3 profit model for every business. You didn't know about this model which can make you earn at least a million naira each on a monthly basis, running the same business. That's 3 million naira from the model. 

√ Practical live examples of how the CSMI Selling System works and why you can never make enough money if you don't use this strategy. You'll just be living from hand to mouth. 

Total Value of The (3) FREE Bonuses Gifts: ₦260, 000... and you're getting it all for 


P.P.S. Before I sent out this letter to you, some persons asked me vital questions... 

and I have answered them below: 

1.    What's the CSMI Selling System? 

This is a success-proof system you can use to start earning at least 5x to 10x the income you make monthly.

People across the world are already doing it. 

Plus, it's so simple even a 10 year old child can do it. 

2.    How Long Will It Take To Get Result? 

If you do what is contained in the blueprint, you can start seeing results as early as few days. 

The job has been made very easy for you. Just do exactly what you're told in the blueprint and you will make money? 

3.    Will This System Work For Me? 

Yes, it works for anybody. No matter who you're- whether a doctor, plumber, lawyer, carpenter, Professor, digital marketer, chef, bar attendant... whatever. As long as you want more money, and you have a business or want to start up one, it will work for you. 

4.    If It Doesn't Work For Me? 

Don't worry, I understand you are sceptical. It will work, as long as you follow the blueprint totally. 

However, if you follow what is contained in the simple blueprint as you're told and it doesn't work for you (which is highly unlikely), you can send mean Email after 90 Days of purchasing the System...and your money will be refunded to you in full. 

5.    How Can I Get The CSMI Selling System?

Very simple Just click the button below to get this success-proof system. 


Pay with Paystack here:


 Pay into the following Bank account:

GT Bank PLC.


Isichei Isioma Patrick. 

After payment, send a screenshot and details of payment to this number:

07015360381 (WhatsApp only).

Remember to include your email address. Your payment will be confirmed in less than 20 minutes, and the system and the other benefits are all yours.