You Are Not Special!

Scratch that if that’s the way you’ve been thinking.

I have bad news for you: you’re not in anyway special.

Stop deceiving yourself.

The very moment those bills you’re overlooking (but which are already choking you) succeeds in pressing you down and you’re unable to concentrate at work, your boss will replace you faster than the speed of light.

Forget all the sweet names he calls you.

Forget even the sweet food he buys for you from Chicken Republic.

( My former boss in Ikeja used to buy plenty food for us. In fact, the first Pizza I ate was bought by him).

He just wants you to eat and do your job well.

You’re only as important as the kind of money you help him to make. Once you can’t do that anymore, he’ll show you how useless you are to him.

Isn’t that what your woman is also doing to you at home?

Can you beat your chest with confidence and say money has never caused problems between the both of you before? (Ehen, let me look at your lying lips).

You see, you’re only special if you can pay your bills without stress. Nobody cares about your title, or your qualifications.

We have many people with Masters Degree and Ph.D who can’t feed well. Look around, you’ll see them.

The other day, Dangote employed Ph.D holders as truck drivers. So what’s the essence of spending years on the certificate if you’ll end up as a driver? Isn’t it better to just get on with driving trucks?

Even if you think your salary is enough now to cater for your bills, I hope you know responsibilities will keep increasing every year and that your salary may soon become peanut by the time kids start growing up and shouting Daddy…

Anyway, I don’t need to spoonfeed you with reasons why you should make good money every month. If you don’t know, well…I have nothing to say to you…

Go here and start making at least #200,000 extra every month:

Do it right now and see how your woman will begin to love you differently.

I don’t want to talk about your boss that you can choose to fire, once you start making enough money from my link to stand on your own.

P.S. You don’t believe me that your woman loves you because you’re taking care of the bills at home?

OK, don’t give her money. In fact, don’t take care of any bills at home in the next two months…nope, one month is enough!

Then report back to me how the love is going.

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