They Pay Him #15,000 a Month.

When you’re poor and you beg people for money everyday, they’ll start running away from you

as if you are a leper. Once they see you coming, they’ll follow another road so they don’t come face to face with you.

In fact, your name will become a burden that even the Devil will see you and start running away because he knows that instead of fearing him like most people do- you’ll beg him for money instead.

Of what use is fear to an hungry man? What he needs is food! And because he is hungry, he cannot think straight; so he sees you as the Devil if you refuse to help him- the way my friend sees me now.

You see, after doing some copywriting works yesterday evening, I decided to surf the net a bit with my phone before sleeping. Not too long after, a text message came in from a friend, not really a friend per say, but let’s leave it at that.

Here is the content of the text message:

“Bross with due respect this was nt our agreement, i told u dat our gas has finished no matter anything u ought have look for money and send to me. bt i thank god for everytin let the relationship countiue. pls us ur gud office and do sometin notin is small and notin is big also! tanx for co-operation.”

The first thought on my mind was to call and ask him if he kept any money with me, or if I owed him money. But I let it slid.

The guy is married with two kids and I heard the other day that his wife is pregnant again. The interesting part is – he works as a Missionary for some Christian Organization which pays him 15,000 a month.

Let’s do the math.

15,000 for 23 working days (you know we are removing weekends, right? Good)

That is #652.17 per day.

His wife who is a private school teacher earns the same amount. So husband and wife make #30, 000 every month.

That is #1, 304.34 per day.

Now, remove the costs of garri, rice and beans for a family of four in a month, that is over #10,000 gone.

Of course, they must cook soup plus other expenses.

Before we talk of transportation and accommodation expenses. He is also a born-again Christian too, so he pays his tithe also.

Can you see the reason why this my friend is frustrated? The money is just not enough.

He worked part-time in a church as an Assistant-Pastor. After every Sunday service, the Pastor would give him #2,000 like a beggar being fed crumbs and he would rush to the market to get soup ingredients. The soup will last them for 2 days, then they go hungry again.

In February, he was transferred to another City by the organization he works for.

He wanted me to influence his church Pastor to employ him as a full-time Pastor and start paying him salary

but as good as that sounded, I refused to bulge. ..and the pastor wouldn’t have bulged either.

This is the reason why…

Many times when he sat in my office, I would ask him, “Chisa, apart from this work which isn’t paying your bills very well, what else can you do?”

He would look at me and mutter some meaningless words.

Like every lazy man out there, he would come up with all kinds of good ideas in his head- sometimes, he’d rush down to my office feeling excited about a ‘business idea’ that just crossed his mind.

Oya, implement the idea, then problem sets in. The dude will come up with all the excuses in the world.

This is a dude who received a yearly rent as Landlord to an oil farm leased to SHELL, I think, in Port Harcourt- he’s from Rivers State by the way-

and instead of investing the #350,000 at the time when his salary in Calabar was #10,000 monthly, he rushed and married his wife.

Marriage is a good thing…but is marrying a wife enough? Marriage don’t pay your bills! And won’t put more money in your bank account either. Rather, it’ll drain your account more-

A reason why people should plan and have different sources of income and not just depend on salary- especially when the salary is not really a salary!

Two weeks before he was transferred, I told him OK, let me do a digital product and I’ll create the funnel for you to market the product online-

The commissions would be good, far better than anything you’ve earned.

He came up with the excuse of not knowing much about Computer- even when I said I’d teach him, and told him about Dotun, the Expertnaire Affiliate who grossed over Nine Million Naira in few months of promoting digital products from the platform, without any prior computer knowledge-

This my guy refused to bulge. Making excuses was very easy for him to do so I held my peace. What’s my own? No be me hunger go kill.


After he was transferred, his Pastor told me he wanted to lease a land to the guy to farm, but he declined.

So the Pastor decided not to retain him when he was transferred. If he’d taken that land, the Pastor would have seen he’s serious about making something out of his life, and retain him.


From his place of work in a new city, he sent me a text message that his gas is finished, blah, blah, blah

when he could have been making cool money selling hot digital products I’d have created for him, or even mastering a skill and selling the skill online.

He’s now feeling entitled, thinking I owe him a duty of care. And in his mind, I’m now the evil one who has refused to help him.

But do I care? Not one bit! I’ll keep running away from him, and even from his shadow.

A lazy man should not eat!

P.S. If you’re not happy with the kind of money you make every month, this is what you should do:

Take a pen and paper, write down the amount of money you want to be making every month.

Divide that amount by 31 days to know how much you should earn every day to make this wish a reality.

Then go online and look for products to sell, since you already know the quantities you need to sell every day.

Or, look for a service to render that’ll give you the exact or more amount than you want every month…

Don’t wait until you start seeing everybody as evil because they refused to help you

…as if they don’t have their own bills to pay.

P.P.S This is purely an imaginative writeup,
and nothing more.

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